Business Empowered

The VISION of Business Empowered is to build, connect, and encourage business leaders and individuals in their calling and in their community, and to equip them with Godly tools and principles to excel and minister in the marketplace.  The “Church of the City” is referenced many times throughout scripture and we are called to be that “Church” and come alongside what God is doing in our families, businesses, cities and nation! Our MISSION is to equip, empower, and encourage business people with Christ-centered principles, so they may advance the Kingdom of God to all they influence and be the LIGHT in the marketplace! This is achieved by:

  1. Connecting business leaders to God and each other through meetings and events
  2. Equipping individuals to excel in their God-given gifts and talents
  3. Educating and providing expertise in key areas of leadership and business management
  4. Counseling to bring clarity to your personal calling and professional vision
  5. Praying and Interceding for you and your business continually
  6. Outreaching through charitable projects to exemplify the Love of Christ in our communities

At Business Empowered (BE), we recognize the demands and challenges of today’s marketplace.  As a result, we have recently enhanced and expanded our services to meet those needs and help you, our members and partners, to succeed Biblically, Spiritually and Financially.  This means making sure you are covered Spiritually through…Prayer, Support & Connectivity, Education, and Community. Business Empowered is also committed to releasing a “Kingdom-minded Culture” in our communities and cities in which we live and serve.  Some areas of this includes a creating or further building upon a culture of…Honor; Blessings; Encouragement; and expectation of God’s Signs and Wonders out in the marketplace. We believe prayerful help and business encouragement can lead to making great business decisions.  And, our BE Pastors, Mel and Mona Ponder, have over 21 years experience in owning, managing and operating businesses, and therefore have a keen understanding of the unique challenges and lifestyle demands business people face.  In addition, Mel has 4 years experience in government, which further enhances his understanding of today’s business challenges. Most importantly, Mel and Mona each possess over 10 years of ministry leadership. This combination of experience in both ministry and the marketplace makes Mel and Mona Ponder uniquely qualified to provide the vision, leadership, and expertise to help BE Members improve their results and impact their communities. Business Empowered Supports Members in a Number of Ways Including:

  • Daily and Monthly Member Prayer Support for you and your  business
  • Business Networking, Fellowship, and Motivational Events
  • Professional Development Seminars and Training
  • Personalized Business Counseling and Support
  • Business Leader Resources and Contacts
  • Dedicated Men and Women’s Support Groups
  • On-Line Business Directory
  • Promotion and Advertisement of your Business and Products
  • “Future” Leaders Training
  • Community Outreach
  • Annual Conference

Business Empowered is a membership funded ministry and is open to all business men and women who seek to serve God in the marketplace.  For more information please contact us.